Human Doing or Human Being – I Choose

grassy fieldI love this quote by William Byron, S.J., “If you are what you do, when you don’t you aren’t.”

I’ve joyfully touted to many people that I am a far better human being then I am a human doing. What I’m really referring to is my ability to spend more time being and less time doing.

There is always a hesitation from those that I share this introspection with. It’s as if this speck of my truth clings to a part of them they have long forgotten. It’s usually followed by a deep breath and something along the lines of, “I like that.”

I’ve trailed the discovery of this bit of wisdom to a place I’d seek solace as a little boy. I’m the seventh child out of ten and the most challenging space to find growing up was a place on my own, a place to be alone or as I like to think of it today, “all-one”.

We lived beside a large field and for some reason this field’s grass was never cut. As I remember it today, from my five or six year old’s vantage point, it felt like my “Field of Dreams”. Yet when I visit it today, on a sojourn to Calgary, it’s a mere half city block open lot.

The grass grew tall, to at least four feet high. I always thought it was wheat.

So in the midst of desiring great escapes from “doing” chores, “doing” sharing with siblings, “doing” politeness for the sake of not being shamed, I escaped to my grassy field, my place of beingness. All I did was lay down and watch the clouds roll by. I chose to be still.

It was my place to feel who I was and forget all the things I had to do. I could be free, I could be myself, I could be quiet.

I’m blessed now, as an adult, to remember the gifts I received from taking those “be-ing” breaks. By doing nothing the doing part of me drops away and the being part of me gradually comes alive. It has to because the doing is gone.

I love the gift of lessening what I need or want to do, it creates space for my human being.


About Thomas Kevin Dolan Coaching

Thomas Kevin Dolan, Master Integrative Coach Professional™ has, for close to a decade, coached or advised everyday folks who need a gentle reminder to get out of their own way. People – such as athletes, high-profile executives, parents, siblings, couples, artists, activists, those pretending to know, those willing to not know, entrepreneurs, and seekers of ease, effortlessness and grace – who wish to effectively and successfully participate in a healthy relationship with themselves, and with others they value. Thomas and his work has been featured on HealingPodTV, Yinstill Reproductive Wellness, and The Ford Institute for Transformational Training. He has also been featured in major publications such as Xtra West, Business In Vancouver, Living Out Vancouver and Out In Singapore. He resides in Vancouver, British Columbia and Honolulu, Hawaii. Magic exists in his life because he knows that which he seeks is already seeking him, and he allows wisdom to have its way.
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