sugar_2533727b“Good luck with that, Princess.”

My office window has a view to False Creek in downtown Vancouver. On this particular day both the view and my common sense were foggy.

The chocolate I was about to consume wasn’t up to my usual snobbish standards. Its label didn’t bear the name of Bernard Callabaut or Thomas Haas. If I remember correctly Cadbury or Nestle comes to mind.

As the second piece was about to pass my lips I remember thinking, “You’re about to devastate your immune system with the sugar in this s*#t.” Piece number two quickly disappeared.

As I strolled back to my desk I felt a wave of sadness course through my heart. How was it so easy to be such a saboteur of my own wellness?

I chose to sit quiet and simply feel what I was feeling. I’ve learned that I cannot figure out why I’m feeling what I’m feeling, while still holding the feeling. I knew the feeling would pass and then I’d have an opportunity to better understand its lesson.

It wasn’t long before the ache in my heart subsided. What would take longer was to embrace the wisdom my body possessed by creating the feeling of sadness.

I ran the scene of my chocolate eating episode backwards. Just like rolling a Blu-ray movie scene, using the 10x reverse slow motion button. I paused the scene at the moment when I was about to release the chocolate into my mouth.

That’s the moment I began to feel the sadness in my body. That’s the moment I ignored the feeling.

I could feel my compassionate self begin to embrace me. When I allow that part of myself to be present I know I’m about to uncover a circumstance where I’ve disconnected from my authentic/divine self and have allowed my ego to run the show.

By allowing the presence of sadness and not figuring it out, I was beginning to see the very mechanic of how I could help bring greater healing to my life.

Sugar, via the chocolate, slams my immune system. I was even aware that it would and I gobbled it down anyways. How pathetic! This sugar infused epiphany inspired an idea.

What if I could have sugar instead of sugar having me?

So I embarked on a 30 Day Challenge clear of refined sugar from January 6th, 2015 – February 3rd, 2015. I didn’t die without sugar.

Over the course of this journey I came face-to-face with the part of me that is fully asleep when it comes to my wellness. It’s my super ‘auto-off’ button.

I know the law of attraction states to be clear about what you want, not what you don’t want. So my intention was that by the time the adventure was over I would feel my immune system as a fully functioning launch pad for the most powerful sense of wellness I’ve ever experienced. Gosh. It worked!

Here’s some of the gifts I received over the 30 days:

  • Pride
  • Heightened self esteem
  • Being in control of my life
  • Greater energy
  • Gratitude and appreciation for my body
  • Self respect
  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Devotion
  • Laughter
  • Ease

To support the power sugar had over me I chose to begin day one by not having sugar for one hour. I next committed to two hours, four after that and then eight. Day one ended with a victory over sugar. Not that I’m competitive.

Day two had me commit to half a day without sugar. I made a full day without it on day three and the remaining 27 days clocked by without my immune system being bombardment by that ubiquitous white stuff.

The 30 Day Challenge was humbling.

My body knows the havoc and devastation that sugar can wreak.

My work is to listen intently, keep my mouth closed before popping sugar, and switch the ‘auto-off’ button to ‘wisdom on’.

P.S. Here’s a little quiz that I failed miserably.

Are you addicted to sugar?

1. Do you struggle to walk past a sugary treat without taking ‘just one’?

2. Do you have routines around sugar consumption – for example, always having pudding, or needing a piece of chocolate to relax in front of the television?

3. Are there times when you feel as if you cannot go on without a sugar hit?

4. If you are forced to go without sugar for 24 hours, do you develop headaches and mood swings?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one of the questions above, you are addicted.

Why Sugar is ruining our health?


About Thomas Kevin Dolan Coaching

Thomas Kevin Dolan, Master Integrative Coach Professional™ has, for close to a decade, coached or advised everyday folks who need a gentle reminder to get out of their own way. People – such as athletes, high-profile executives, parents, siblings, couples, artists, activists, those pretending to know, those willing to not know, entrepreneurs, and seekers of ease, effortlessness and grace – who wish to effectively and successfully participate in a healthy relationship with themselves, and with others they value. Thomas and his work has been featured on HealingPodTV, Yinstill Reproductive Wellness, and The Ford Institute for Transformational Training. He has also been featured in major publications such as Xtra West, Business In Vancouver, Living Out Vancouver and Out In Singapore. He resides in Vancouver, British Columbia and Honolulu, Hawaii. Magic exists in his life because he knows that which he seeks is already seeking him, and he allows wisdom to have its way.
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  1. Karen Lanser says:

    Sounds like it was a remarkable experience for you my friend! Hugs, Karen

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