There are tens of thousands of coaches available. We all have different skill-sets and areas of expertise, and our approaches and styles can range from similar to complete polar opposites.

Therefore, after reading the two lists below, if you think we would resonate with each other, then I’d love to share a free Discovery Session with you. 

We’ll work well together and you’ll see positive results if…

  • You’re open and ready for a change. You’re willing to take an objective look at your life, reassess your deep-seeded beliefs, habits, and thought patterns. And are brave enough to stop pretending that you’ve got it all figured out.
  • You believe that you get out of life what you put in. You feel motivated at the thought of making profound, positive changes in all areas of your life in a structured way that keeps you on track and accountable to taking action.
  • You believe you’re here for a greater purpose than just “existing”, that life is too long when you’re not doing what really resonates with your soul, and that personal responsibility is the key to success.


Then again, we probably won’t be a great fit for each other if…

  • You want a pollyannish / new-agey / woo-woo coach – sorry, I’m not your guy!
  • You think it’s cool to have a Coach, but don’t want to do any work – I’ll act as the sherpa for our journey, but you’ll have to hike the path.
  • You think life is unfair and the world owes you something. In short, you’re feeling like a victim.
  • You have serious commitment issues in terms of keeping your word and not doing things you promise to do. Integrity is key to you getting unstuck.
  • You have deep psychological problems or trauma that’s affecting your ability to function well. You have fears or phobias that seem extreme and resistant to change, or you believe you have clinical depression, severe anxiety, or addiction issues that aren’t being treated by a medical professional. There are amazing psychiatrists or psychologist who are trained and licensed to support you with these challenges – I am not.

Coaching with Thomas was about a deconstructing of the past then a creation of my new story! A great process that helped save my family as I was cruising down a path I am not proud of. Thomas invited me to simply decide that I will no longer choose to repeat the programming that keeps getting me into trouble. He is amazing and his intuition is formidable. Not many things in life are a guarantee, but if you are willing to set ego aside and commit to making choices that are more in alignment with your values and desires, then Blueprint will help, guaranteed. Dr. Pentland – Vancouver, BC 2015


NEXT: Given all of the above, if you think coaching with me could be right for you, then let’s connect for a free Discovery Session. Please send me a request via the COACHING CONSULTATION tab. 

Thank you. 


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