Compassion: Thomas listens well and provides timely insight and guidance without judgment, which enabled me to feel safe to open up.

Inspiration: Thomas is never preachy. He shared his own stories and experiences and examples of how he handled his own shadows, which in turn provided inspiration to me on how I can work through life’s struggles.

Clarity: Thomas is able to bring clarity to the conversion. Not only is he clear in his words, Thomas was able to ask insightful questions at the right moments to shed light on the subject at hand and bring clarity to my own thought process.

Another nice treat is Thomas’ Facebook updates and blog posts, which are in turn touching, inspirational and insightful, and always a great reminder of looking at life with a fresh perspective and in a positive light. – Adam Ma. – Honolulu, Hawaii 2017 


I was experiencing no control in my life, no confidence, I was challenged to cope with the loss of the child, struggling with infertility, trying to make everyone happy, stuck in the fear, anxiety, and pain. That was my experience before I decided to do coaching.

Thomas helped me to understand that the pain I was experiencing was created by my mind or my ego.

The work, with Thomas, helped me shift my focus on what I wanted instead on what I didn’t want. 

When I listened to Thomas during our first consultation, I knew he is the right person to guide me and be beside me during this journey.

He encouraged me to let go of thinking I had to make others happy before choosing happiness for myself. 

I allowed my ego or mind to control my life.  However, during my coaching work I learned how to make decisions from my heart and how to listen to the whispers from this part of me, this part I now know as my Divine self. 

My life has changed for the better.  I am confident and happy. I know I can do anything. I now have a choice! There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Thomas. Thank you. Malwina, Vancouver, BC, 2017

BuddhaGingerI had been stricken with all sorts of anxiety and stress as my career was in peril, my finances were a mess,  I continued to have unsuccessful romantic relationships and I truly felt I was going to suffer a complete meltdown.  This along with being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult had left me with many questions. 

Thomas was able to guide me in taking back control of my life, acknowledging all my emotions, realizing  I became “the stories that  I was telling myself”  and I was not living in truth. 

Thomas allowed me to take control and make decisions from a place of peace, clarity, love, faith and truth instead of a place filled with fear, anxiety, stress and living an ego-driven life. 

I have to thank him for literally changing my life as he has given me the tools to live a life that will continue to progress and reach its ultimate vision.  His teachings have allowed me to stay in self-awareness and get back on track quickly if I ever start to divert to my past ways. 

There is not enough room on this page to tell you what he has done for me and how he has re-shaped my life.   

I know Thomas can help re-shape anyone’s life who is feeling stuck and does not know how to move forward.  He is a Miracle Man and I have nothing but love for him. – Gurpreet B. – Vancouver, BC 2017

can'tmasterFrankly, I had never considered myself a candidate for ‘coaching’, but like many things in my life, I was completely wrong. What started to change for me was my perception of myself and my experiences. I slowly realized the subtle power here, as this can then alter your thought patterns and actions and help to focus yourself on positivity and what it is you want to accomplish.

With Thomas as a guide I have been able to make significant movement in how I approach my everyday living – which in turn has positively affected my relationships, my work, my family life and how I see myself. Also, I seem to have distanced myself from many habits that existed in my life that were not serving me and what I want or expect from this world.

Thomas is ultimately compassionate and non-judgemental, allowing the process to unfold organically as you respond to his questions and support. He is wonderful at what he does, combining the skills of counsellor, coach, friend, listener and mentor – Thank you Thomas. – Dr. Sean Q. – Vancouver, BC 2017

changeWhen I started the 13 week sessions with Thomas, I was so hurt by certain aspects of my life that I couldn’t talk about them without breaking down. It was overshadowing other aspects of my life too. 

Now I better understand when I am being run by the negative aspects of my ego and pay attention to it instead of either trying to suppress it or being run by it. I am thankful for the events that led me to seek guidance from Thomas. I perhaps would never have understood myself as well or would have taken a very long time and costlier mistakes to get to the same level of understanding.  When in doubt, I reach out to Thomas for guidance and support. As Thomas says, becoming kind or loving or wise is not a one step metamorphosis. It’s a process reflected in the moment to moment choices we make. – Chhaya P. – Vancouver, BC 2017

brokenThomas has been my spiritual guide for well over a decade now. There are some people who are gifted at what they do and Thomas is one of those people. If he chooses to work with you your life will never be the same again – fulfilment feels so good! I love you so much Thomas. Dr. Spence P. – Vancouver, BC 2017 

How do you put into words the gift that this man is? I was blessed to have him coaching me for over a year through two different programs and he showed me the sight and courage to see life through different eyes. Even when days don’t personally feel good, you know that he is out there and continues holding the light for the world. Michael M. –  San Diego 2017

14502886_10154542995442731_1750882657375852244_nThe approach was the right combination of spiritual and rational which allowed me to see myself in balance rather than prejudice. Helped me find new frameworks to understand the way I understand and open new ways to see. Jamie S. – Vancouver, BC – 2017

To say that Thomas is gifted in his craft is an understatement. The term coaching is a word that is familiar to most, but the support received along the 13 step journey was so much more than what I thought coaching was. He is able to ask the questions that initiate personal inquiry, he provides the space for epiphanies to emerge, and holds one accountable in a way that invites a willing commitment to the process. We embarked together on a journey of unknown destination, which for someone that likes to see the big picture and understand the “why” was a vulnerable and cautious beginning. After the first session I was hooked. Our weekly sessions left me with clearer insights into myself and a yearning to dig deeper. The process has provided me with an extensive tool kit of information and several resources to continue this journey. A journey where in which the destination is revealed and is further refined by the process of the journey. Harris – Vancouver, BC 2017 


My partner and I both worked through the coaching program with Thomas. Prior to this we had worked with a couples counsellor but felt that our progress had plateaued after a few sessions. I was initially interested in working with Thomas to improve my relationship with myself, my significant other, and my career. The coaching is set up in such a way that keeps you accountable and gets you to take small, manageable steps toward your short and long-term goals. What makes it so successful in my opinion is that it strips the layers of your ego and sheds light onto your deepest fears – the stuff that’s really holding you back. It is truly a no bullshit approach to life coaching and therefore the realizations and revelations you have during this process stay with you forever. Thomas has an incredible understanding of this type of work. His voice is relaxing and puts you into a deep meditative state where you are able to access your full potential and the answers that lie within your heart. Whether you are looking to become a better person, achieve career goals, or fix a broken relationship, Thomas is your go-to guy! Thank you! Dr. Nora – Vancouver, BC 2016 

The coaching process was filled with self discovery, lessons to release old patterns and the tools needed to assist me when working through future situations. I have gained the ability to remove blame and to keep my emotional reaction in check. Once I found acceptance for the resistance the physical release was extremely blissful.
Thank you for sharing your time and lessons with me. Nicole – Vancouver, BC 2016


It’s hard for me to imagine someone who would not benefit from working with Thomas.  One enormous benefit achieved early on was to achieve clarity on what I truly desire in life. The next major benefit was to develop deep confidence in undertaking some major “renovations” in my life to start achieving what I truly desire and having now started my own small business, I am achieving happiness I had not thought possible just one year ago. I think it was incredibly valuable to have someone like Thomas to guide me week-by-week and provide encouragement through such complex changes in life. Thomas was invariably easy to talk to, patient, caring and encouraging, and I don’t think my successes could have been achieved without him. Rob – Vancouver, BC 2016

I had been feeling “stuck” in some areas of my life that I hadn’t been able to sort out through traditional counselling. I had never considered coaching, but then by a very lucky circumstance I learned about Thomas. His Blueprint program was, simply put, life-changing. He helped my discover and “unlearn” some negative thought patterns that had been preventing me from living the life I wanted to live. Even better was the fact that the tools I learned were completely self-empowering and ultimately led to far more improvements in my life than I could have ever imagined. If you have never considered a coach, you should, and if you have been considering some coaching, I can say from my own experience that the work with Thomas will be a total game-changer! Dr. Brad M. – Vancouver, BC 2016


Thomas has an amazing intuitive way of knowing what you are thinking and feeling and he held space and time for me until I could put those thoughts and feelings into words. The most important thing he gave me was how to stop beating myself up at every turn. He always called me on “my stories”, and God knows there are tons of them, but he never made me feel bad about myself. Not ever. My life is lighter, I am actually learning to like myself and I am getting better at listening to my heart rather than my head. I am learning how I can reconnect with the true authentic me. When I get so caught up in the stories I hear his words, “It’s ok not to know…knowing is the booby prize.” Thank you Thomas for everything you have taught me and for caring.  Judy H. – Oregon, USA 2015 

Once an avid reader of self help books that led me nowhere, through working with Thomas, I let go of the gurus and found the wisdom within myself by connecting to my heart, putting into practice and embodying many principles that I simply could not grasp through reading a book. Having a coach has been indispensible. Through working with Thomas, I have clarified my life purpose, chosen a new career path, and let go of some major blocks or limitations in order to allow me to follow my dreams. The end result is much more happiness, contentment and peace in my life. Thomas has a way of helping you get past the stories and drama to the core issue at hand. With his powerful insight and unwavering compassion, he is instantly able to guide me towards thoughts and stories that are more powerful, more uplifting, more in line with my truth and ultimately my light. This has allowed me to live more fully. His warmth and loving kindness created the space for me to experience major awakenings and to own my power and beauty in a way that honours myself yet respects others. This work has deepened my relationships in ways I never imagined, so it has not only touched my life, but that of others around me. Tracey G. – Vancouver, BC 2014


Throughout our 13 week coaching program Thomas was able to guide me to an awareness and clarity within me that I have never been able to reach with other ‘tools’ I had used. He has an incredible way of creating and fostering a space to learn and his delivery is honest, gentle and incredibly intuitive. Without a doubt the most outstanding coach I have had the pleasure know. Thank you Thomas! – Gina – Calgary AB, August 2013

Working with Thomas was an amazing experience. It was very challenging, as the level Thomas brought me to engage at was deep and unsettling. Indeed it was unfamiliar, so different from therapy or other self-exploration contexts I had explored before. The work Thomas brought me to do shook my foundations and brought me to consider my life and my decisions, past, present and future, with a fresh outlook. He also, however, made me realise that the work is mine to do, with tools I already possess, if I can bring myself to have faith and continue on the path he showed me. I commend Thomas on the amazing empathy he manages to relay in the slightest voice and tone inflexions.  Thank you Thomas for everything, and I will continue to extol the virtues of turning to you to turn things on their head, in the best possible way! Marie-NS. – Vancouver, BC 2013


My sessions with Thomas have provided me with new insights on how I perceive myself and my relationship with the world at large. When coupled with the work defined during our conversations, they have given me the ability to draw energies towards myself which have been previously inaccessible – even imperceptible. Even more importantly I feel I have the gained the momentum and skills to continue movement towards increased self-love and honor independently. These likely read as simple words on a page, but I consider the results of his coaching as a benchmark in my personal development. The power is in the process. – Jamie S. – Vancouver, BC 2013

As I write this from my apartment in Paris, I can think of no better testimonial about Thomas as a coach. The time spent with Thomas helped realize a dream I only kept back in the dusty corners of my mind. Today I have such gratitude for Thomas and his firm but gentle coaching that got me to Paris! I cry tears of joy for this moment and his ability to help me uncover the clutter in my life that kept me from this beautiful place. I use the tools I learned, everyday. Thank you, Thomas! – Jeffrey S. – Vancouver, BC 2012


Through this ‘forward-focus’ time with Thomas, my clarified vision includes noticing my knee jerk reactions to life, understanding that I need to care for myself, that my limitations could encapsulate my spirit, and that I must just let it be, have faith and surrender. Thank you so so so much for all these gifts, Thomas. Spence – Vancouver, BC 2012

There is something not of this world when dealing with Thomas, he never ever told me what to do, but at times when I was committed to some sort of thought, one word from him would guide me to a place where I had to challenge that commitment, and essentially I would process it, write about it, and in some instances, divorce it. I am clearing space in my life for happiness, creativity, inspiration, and real true love. Chantal – Vancouver, BC 2012


I had doubted that coaching over the telephone would be effective. I was certainly wrong about that as I had some of the most emotional and moving experiences I have ever had. The new self-discovery was wild. I was able to heal and move forward in an amazingly positive manner. I feel as if I had 1,000 pounds lifted from my shoulders. I am an amazing, beautiful, positive person who loves his shadow and works daily on being a part of the light. Danny – Chicago, IL 2011

Thomas is the source of unique and gifted coaching talents. He supported me with learning and perspective so I knew more about myself. Through Thomas’ inspiration, coaching and my unlimited natural capabilities, my life has been transformed. Chantal K. – San Francisco, CA 2011

With a compassionate, patient, trustworthy and honorable style Thomas guided me through 13 weeks of an amazing journey. I went from being in a “deep funk” that I could not move myself out of, which was so unlike me, to uncovering a strong, powerful part of me that I had hidden for years. Paula – Vancouver, BC 2010


Wow! That’s the word that springs to mind when I reflect on my experience of Thomas Kevin Dolan as my Coach. I had forgotten how to be me, how to access joy, how to trust my intuition and the magic of life. During the course of 12 weeks I reconnected with my inner wise woman…and more. It left me zooming ahead full speed with my life, my dreams, and my goals. Laurie – Vancouver, BC 2010



Thomas was able to reveal and uncover my gifts of power, strength and leadership. He helped to clear obstacles out of the way that I was not able to do on my own. Coaching with Thomas has opened exciting new possibilities in my life, which are in alignment with my goals and visions. J.R. – San Rafael, CA 2010

His innate knowing and his deep understanding of the Shadow and coaching coupled with his compassion and love is a perfect formula for success. I have a new and more empowered direction for my life. Michael, Chicago, IL 2010


Thomas’ ability to awaken me to who I really am, warts and all, without any judgment, on his part, proved to be helpful in my finding my true goals in life. What I received was just what I needed at this time. My words cannot describe the gentle and subtle power of his work. Rodrigo – Vancouver, BC 2010

Coaching was an awakening and expanding experience! I learned many things about my beliefs, my possibilities and myself. I am now limitless in what I choose to create and much of that is due to the work with and through Thomas. Glenn – Vancouver, BC 2010

The powerful transformational tools he utilizes, combined with his innate gift for healing, has undoubtedly made meeting Thomas one of the most important events I have chosen in my life! When asked ‘who are the 3 people I most admire and want to be like’, my response is swift; my mother, the Dali Lama, and Thomas Kevin Dolan. Spence – Vancouver, BC 2010


This 3-month program did what other forms of therapy that I had tried did not. It made me notice, take responsibility and embrace the dark shadows that make up who I am. It was as though something clicked and I finally understood who my master was, me. Chantal – Vancouver, BC 2010

Coaching helped me draw attention to the aspects of myself and events in my life that were preventing me from reaching my fullest potential and achieving my goals. Thomas’s coaching was my catalyst. Grace – Vancouver, BC 2009

13939410_10202074357295783_2775139474279564656_nThomas knows how to push just hard enough to get results while offering gentle support. By the end of the 12 weeks, I could not believe the change that I had created for the next chapter in my life. I could never have imagined this direction without working with Thomas. Ward – Vancouver, BC 2009




  1. Gina Botelho says:

    When I began my journey with Thomas I did not know what to expect, other than a wish or a hope of getting to a place of peace and clarity. Throughout our 13 week coaching program Thomas was able to guide me to an awareness and clarity within me that I have never been able to reach with other ‘tools’ I had used. He has an incredible way of creating and fostering a space to learn and his delivery is honest, gentle and incredibly intuitive. On several occasions I had commented to him that I am truly grateful he is on purpose and sharing his gift with me…and with the world. Without a doubt the most outstanding coach I have had the pleasure know.
    Thank you Thomas! – Gina, Calgary AB, August 2013

  2. Janet Borelli says:

    I recently completed personal coaching with Thomas. It has transformed my life. I was dealing with some sensitive, personal issues. Right from the start, Thomas made me feel safe and respected. His honesty and clear communication guided me in unmasking my false self and acknowledging my authentic, valuable Self. He gave me the best gift possible – teaching me how to love and help myself. Through his Blue Print coaching program, I was able to address and resolve the issues at hand.
    Thomas is an amazing coach!

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